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  Radiation 17mkr
  Humidity 73%
  Barom. 668mm
  Geomag. stab..
  UV 2  mgh
Night Day
Yerevan -4 -6 +1 +3
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Armenia is situated in a subtropical zone, among ridges of the central part of Small Caucasus, and the fact that more than 90 percent of its territory lays at the height over 1000 meters above sea level, defines the most essential features of the climate. The climate of Armenia is characterized with great number of solar energy, the great variability of a weather mode in time and well-expressed vertical climatic zone which is created by complex mountain reliefs.
Distribution of heat in Armenia is strongly subordinated to a seasonal rhythm. In Ararat Valley the monthly average temperature of July is 25-27°, an absolute maximum is +42°; in January monthly average temperature is -5-7°, an absolute minimum is -30°. In the area of Lake Sevan in summer the temperature is 18-20°, and in winter it is - 8-12°. On the shore of Lake Arpi the absolute minimum -46° is registered.
In Ararat valley frost-free period lasts about 250 days in a year, in the area of Lake Sevan - from 150 till 200 days, in high mountains - from 30 till 50 days. On average for a year in Armenia 550 mm of precipitations drop out. The maximum is observed in the spring and in the beginning of summer, the minimum - in the second half of summer and in winter. The minimum quantity of precipitations (200-250 mm) drops out in Ararat valley. Rains in summer frequently pass in downpours; the winter snow cover in Ararat valley is unstable because of periodic thawing weather, in the area of Lake Sevan the snow remains rather long and its capacity reaches 100cm.
A very large number of a sundial is typical for Armenia. That is why people coming to Armenia in summer become covered with beautiful sunburn.
Autumn is the best season in Armenia. It is longer than the spring. Soft, solar weather, brightness of landscapes, abundance of autumn fruits give special charm to this season.

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