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  Radiation 17mkr
  Humidity 73%
  Barom. 668mm
  Geomag. stab..
  UV 2  mgh
Night Day
Yerevan -4 -6 +1 +3
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There are about 3200 kinds of the plants distinguished in Armenia. It is caused not only by the complex relief, soils and the climate, but also by the arrangement of Armenia on a joint of two geobotanical zones – wood-meadow Caucasian and deserted-semidesertic Iranian. 12 percent of the territory are woods settled down mostly in mountains on the slopes of the big steepness, and meet at heights from 550 up to 2600 meters. The basic types of woods are oak, beech and hornbeam, which sometimes form mixed forestlands and grow near to linden, maple, jasenem and other kinds of trees. Woods are rich in wild-growing fruiters - pear, apple, sweet cherry, walnut, kizilom, cherry plum, and have mountain-protective and resort value.
The flat parts of Armenia are characterized with the steppe vegetation, the most typical are feather-grass steppes. Together with feather-grass, there are koeleria, wheat grass and many others. On the rocky and stony soils bushes (almond trees, buckthorn) grow. Gum astragalus, akantolimon, thyme, sage are also distributed there.
The fauna of Armenia totals up to 450 kinds of vertebrates, among them there are 76 kinds of mammals, 304 kinds of birds (including 100 - wintering), 44 kinds reptiles (among them - more than 20 snakes), 6 kinds of amphibious and 24 kinds of fish. Invertebrates are totaled more than 10000 kinds, many of them are typical only for the Armenian plateau.
In the steppes and semideserts there live numerous rodents – field-votes, susliks, mole rats, jerboas; the reptiles are Caucasian agamas, Greek turtles, lizards, Armenian adders.
Wild boars, cane cats, jackals are found in coastal thrickets of Araks; ducks, geese, larks, hoopoes are distributed. There are also eagles there. Raccoon dogs, nutrias, red deers are acclimatized in Armenia. In Lake Sevan there is acclimatized sig.

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