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  Radiation 17mcR/h
  Humidity 50%
  Barom. 667mm
  Geomag. stable
  UV 5  mgh
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Various companies produce tour buses. There are two leading companies in this sphere: Mercedes Benz and Man. All other buses are constructed on the basis of one of these companies.
Till 1989 Mercedes company was called DB - Daimler-Benz. From 1989 to 1996 it was called MB (Mercedes Benz). Since 1996 it is a unity of two companies: Daimler and Chrysler, and is called EB/ EvoBus. Currently the company is producing Mercedes and Setra coaches. These are considered to be the most comfortable, convenient, as well as prestigious buses.
Buses are meant to be one-storied, one and a half-storied and two-storied. Tour companies having high-quality service and caring about their clients use only one and a half or two-storied buses that are considered to be the maximaly comfortable ones for tourism purposes.
The advantage of one and a half-storied buses is that the passengers' location level is higher than that of the driver, thus being the only passenger floor. These buses are mainly used for tourism purposes.
Two-storied buses have two saloons. The lower saloon is equipped with armchairs and tables for organizing meals, and the higher saloon has only armchairs. It is generally intended for long-distance travelling. It is not practical for Armenia, because the tree branches hinder the process of driving. Saloons of modern buses should be equipped with comfortable armchairs without head-rests, with foot-rests, convertible tables, lamps for reading, press-buttons for calling the guide, good acoustic system, two microphones, video system and two monitors. Air-conditioner and bio-toilet (by the way, the toilet of high-class buses should be lower than the tourists' saloon is, and not in the saloon) are necessary conditions. Tour buses should have a large luggage section and a berth for the driver. From 1992 till 1995 the engines of the buses have marks corresponding to European standards. Euro II (from 1995 till 1998) and Euro III (since 1999) are the standards of ecological demands. These buses also isolate the noise. Other buses are very noisy, thus the tourists complain on it. Currently in Europe it is forbidden to drive a bus that does not correspond to Euro II standards. At the moment a government decree is being prepared about the implementation of appropriate norms on the transportation that is used for tourism. Accordingly, the engines of the transportation means should correspond to the standards of Euro-I.
First Travel & Service presents its buses, which are considered to be the best in Armenia.

Mercedes-Benz O 404 15 RHD-L
Mercedes-Benz O 303
Mercedes-Benz O 404 15 RHD-L
Neoplan 116 City-Liner
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